Steck Manufacturing 16600 Air Tool Oiler

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Steck Manufacturing 16600 Air Tool Oiler Description

Daily oiling of all types of air tools are required by the manufacturer, but are often ignored by the technician because of the cumbersome processes to find the oil and perform the procedure This can lead to premature equipment failure since shops do not have dedicated oil lines Adjustable oil nozzle of the Air Tool Oiler Dispenser allows technicians to easily and conveniently oil their air tool each time it is retrieved from their tool box This unique, self-centering, non-drip oil dispenser head design allows the technician to easily push the air tool inlet under the dispenser head to oil the air tool or other item, such as bolt threads, etc., in one easy motion Saves the technician time and protects their investment in air power tools by correctly applying the proper amount of oil for each tool according to the manufacturer specifications

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