Molecule 01 (Identical) with Coconut Lemongrass (100ml)

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Molecule 01 (Identical) with Coconut Lemongrass (100ml) Description

Size:100ml A gorgeous summery blend of rich creamy coconut and strong tangy lemongrass; a match made in heaven, perfect for sensual summer nights combined with Iso E Super (Molecule 01). About Iso E Super: Almost transparent in colour it has a vague sweet cedarwood-like scent imparting a male, woodsy, musky type aroma. It is known as the invisible fragrance, and has also been likened to a modern day Love Potion No.9! The reason for this is that it has been known to mimic the action of human pheromones. Although not a pheromone itself, it has the effect of other people noticing you or your fragrance but not quite being able to put their finger on the reason why. This is because ordinary fragrances are designed to project themselves over a wide radius, whilst Iso E Super is designed to cling to the skin, swapping itself between opulence and simplicity, sometimes being quite noticeable, sometimes undetectable. The wearer may notice a subtle, velvety, woody note which will vanish, then re-surface after some time. More than this, she or he will notice the impact the fragrance has on other people, because Iso E Super lends an indefinable allure to the wearer. In fact, its effect is almost pheromonic.

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